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Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city with two universities, a number of national campuses along with a myriad of technical institutes and adult learning facilities including language schools, has it fair share of students both domestic and international who require accommodation and moving services.

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Moving is always a task, particularly for students. Amidst the frenzy of lectures, exams, and social activities, the thought of relocating can induce stress and anxiety. With the right assistance, the daunting process of moving can become a seamless transition. This is where the student budget-friendly Auckland movers, Auckland Moving Guys come to the party, we offer discounted services tailored specifically for students.

We understand the student situation

For students, every dollar counts. With tuition fees, textbooks, and daily expenses, the financial burden can be overwhelming, add to that the high cost of transportation and labor in the moving industry and the task can seem impossible. Auckland movers, Auckland Moving Guys have created specialized services to help alleviate the financial burden on students when it comes to moving around Auckland.


At the forefront of these services lies affordability. Auckland movers, Auckland Moving Guys understand the unique needs of students and we have tailored our pricing structures accordingly. Students can rest assured that they are receiving value for their money because if we trimmed down our costs any further we would be paying you.

The Discount

Discounts are the cornerstone of Auckland Moving Guys student-friendly moving services in Auckland. As movers we recognize that students deserve a helping hand without breaking the bank, we also recognize that most of our moves carried out for students in Auckland are within the CBD or central Auckland suburbs and they are generally small moves which don’t take long to carry out.

So we have decided to apply a further 15% student discount to our already heavily discounted 1hour small and single item delivery rate of $169.50 (1 hour or less)

This means that for students, they will get the first hour with x2 men and a small truck for $144.07 inc GST.

Subsequent hourly rate: $93.00 including GST (discounted from $109.50 plus GST)

Charged out after the first hour in ¼ hour increments of $23.25 /15 minutes

The Importance of Transparency

Transparency is key when it comes to budget-friendly moving services. As well established Auckland movers, Auckland Moving Guys pride themselves on providing clear and concise pricing structures. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges – just straightforward pricing that students can rely on.

Quality Service Guaranteed

While affordability is paramount, it should never come at the expense of quality. Auckland moving Guys understand this balance and prioritize delivering exceptional service, regardless of the discounted rates.

Tailored Services for Student Need

Moving services in Auckland recognize that students have unique needs and preferences. Whether it’s a small dorm room or a shared apartment, As movers we offer tailored solutions to accommodate every student’s situation. From packing and unpacking services to furniture assembly and storage solutions, students can customize their moving experience to suit their individual requirements if they desire.

Ready to make the move?

*Give us a call and let us know where you were referred from.

*Book your moving job with us.

*Have your student ID ready on the day for the moving Guys.

Ph: 0800 115 004

Text or call 0204 065 5397


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