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We offer a full range of moving and moving related services from pre move packaging and packing services to post move rubbish removal, minor repair and yard clean up services.

We have decades of experience in moving and moving related dilemmas that landlords, tenants, new home buyers or home sellers have benefited from over the years. We have fully equipped vehicles that can handle most common day to day tasks when it comes to moving in or moving out.

We are proud to offer a fully comprehensive one stop shop for all your moving service related needs, we can draw on decades of experience and all our work is carried out to tradesman level standards.

Moving Boxes and other materials

Whether it be moving boxes of all shapes and sizes or moving blankets and Moving wrap to keep your possessions safe, we can source and supply it for you at an extremely competitive price because our core business is moving, not packing supplies. Because of that we offer packing, moving supplies and our other add on moving services as a convenience to our customers as opposed to solely a profit generating income stream, this is reflected in the price we charge.

We can often supply you with materials and moving services for cheaper than it would cost you to go out and buy from retailers.

For a run down on moving boxes you can read more on our blog post: Moving Boxes Auckland

Furniture Removal Trucks

We have a select range of furniture moving trucks because we have found over the years that they work best in the Auckland moving Industry. Due to Auckland’s many wonderful and varied dwellings with equally varied driveways we operate only certain kind’s of truck bodies, for more about the moving trucks we use for Auckland moving and the why’s, you can read more on our blog post: Furniture Moving Trucks Auckland.

12m3 Moving Trucks

Twelve cubic meters is a perfect size truck for moving single items, single rooms out of flats, apartments and even small two bedrooms. Technically the same size as a large hi top Hiace or Transit, they have the advantage over large vans because they have a short wheel base and can even fit into a standard car park without annoying the neighbors and of course are rated to take the serious weights with our 12m3 trucks packing a 1 & 2 ton payload. Pricing: 2 men and a 12m3 moving truck

20 – 30m3 Moving Trucks

Twenty to thirty meter moving trucks are perfect for around the central business district and the central suburbs with the tight streets and limited parking space, while up to twice the capacity of the 12m3 moving trucks they can still squeeze into spots and loading zones that the larger trucks can’t. With up to 30m3 of loading space the 20 – 30m3’s can move two bedroom homes without a second thought and can even move moderate 3 bedroom house lots. Pricing: 2 men and a Moving Truck

30 – 40m3 Moving Trucks

High thirties to 40 cubic meter Moving trucks are about as large as we like to go when moving around Auckland, once truck box’s exceeds 40 cubic meters they start to move up into the next weight class, costs as well as size begins to come into the equation, with dual rear axles and almost always wider boxes 40+ cubic meter trucks are more suited to the open road and intercity moves. Using larger trucks for inner city moving at first glance may seem like a good idea, but we found early on that more often than not they cant get into driveways and the job drastically extends. In such instances when moving around the suburbs, two runs or two smaller trucks would have saved hours on the moving costs. Pricing: Moving Trucks

Hard to get to and high lift solutions

Some jobs are just too much for mere mortals, we can arrange high lift solutions either manually using high-lift Moving techniques imported from Japanese Moving practices or using hi-abs and palfinger vehicle based cranes. When the move calls for lifting over fences, balconies or even through windows, we can get it done safely and efficiently which means you save money.

Intercity and Commercial Movers

For intercity, out of town or commercial moves we can pack and palatalize your goods and either ship via container or in one of our trucks depending on the destination and your end point delivery requirements. Either stacked into a large moving truck suitable for the long haul or packed tightly and securely into a container to go by road rail or sea we can move your items. We can also do commercial scale moving with competent fork hoist operators who know what they are doing, along with the appropriate safety equipment and protocol we can manage both commercial and out of town moves.

Rubbish removal direct

One of the bothersome tasks that can arise when moving out of a long term situation is the amount of rubbish than can be generated, either by packaging materials or just the amount of unwanted possessions you might have accumulated over the decades or even just plain nasty rubbish that needs to be removed from the property.

Like our other add on Moving Services, we provide a rubbish removal service as a convenience, and not a mainstay income stream of our business.

Skip bins or flexibin bags are a quick and easy way to deal with post or pre move rubbish, but it isn’t always practical and sometimes people just don’t get to it in time.

There are also situations where items may still have life in them and throwing them in the bin is irresponsible. We will always make sure that such items are run by the folks at tipping point before going into the landfill.

We can load up the rubbish and take it directly to the transfer station for you as part of your move, the only caveat we have for doing rubbish removal on the day is that the rubbish needs to be ordinary household items and clean waste like packing etc, we wont take food or garden waste type rubbish away on moving day as we need to keep our moving trucks in a clean a tidy usable state at all times.

For real nasty rubbishy rubbish, let us know before your move so we can arrange a more suitable truck to line up with your moving requirements.

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