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Looking for Auckland movers? Look no further, Auckland Moving Guys is an Auckland based moving company that was incorporated in 2019 and consists of experienced Auckland movers who have been in the Auckland Moving industry for decades.

With so many movers now appearing on the local Auckland Moving scene it’s hard to know what Auckland movers to choose, one thing that is particularly true in the moving industry, is that you cant beat experience.

We don’t make outlandish claims like we are the best Auckland movers or that we are the cheapest Auckland movers but we are very good at what we do, we have served thousands of satisfied customers in Auckland and around the country. We currently have a five star rating on Google and a 98% rating on NoCowboys.co.nz. Here’s what a couple of our latest Auckland moving customers are saying about their experience with Auckland Moving Guys:

Incredible service! Super careful with my items and in my home. 10/10. I will use these guys every time!

S Aitken Avatar S Aitken
June 22, 2024

Auckland Moving Guys were fantastic with our 2 bedroom move from East to South Auckland. Turn around was efficient and they were considerate with our belongings. Levi was very... read more

Jarome Cavubati Avatar Jarome Cavubati
May 25, 2024

Why you should deal directly with our Auckland moving company

  • Accountability: As well established Auckland movers we do not believe that moving is an unskilled job with a place for badly trained, or even worse, not trained at all movers!

    There are a number of websites that have emerged in the last few years that claim to be servicing the public’s moving requirements by providing “quotation” services.

    The sad fact about these services is that they are not moving companies and in many cases they are not even New Zealand based. This means they take no responsibility for the actual movers or for your move, even if they falsely give that impression, you have no come back on them under the consumer guarantees act.

  • Dedicated Service: When dealing direct with us as your Auckland movers you know exactly who you are dealing with and that we do what we say on the box.

    You can be assured that our trucks and equipment are used solely for moving household furniture and are not alternately used for things like rubbish removal and engine parts transport etc. clean and tidy moving trucks are essential to a clean and tidy moving job.

  • Value for money: Low cost usually always means ‘cheap and nasty’, there is no difference in the moving industry.

    You pay as much as you can for your bed, why would you then get the cheapest and nastiest movers in Auckland to transport it? There is a balance between cost and service that can only be truly measured when dealing with experienced movers.

    Dealing directly with Auckland movers may not be the cheapest option at the end of the day, but when it comes to safeguarding your possessions and delivering an efficient move, it’s the only option that makes any sense.

  • Applicable licenses: Contrary to popular misconception there are requirements on furniture movers operating heavy traffic to have a transport safety license, there are also a growing number of associations that movers may belong to, such as the Auckland Movers Association.

    when dealing with internet based middlemen you really don’t know who you are dealing with until quite possibly, it’s too late. Quality assurance is important, especially so in the service industry.

  • Adequately trained staff: Moving (especially in Auckland) is an undertaking that requires well trained movers in order to get the job done safely and efficiently. Poorly trained and unskilled movers can not only cost you money by being slack and inefficient at their job, they can also be downright dangerous and cause damage to property and even persons on moving day.

    In order to mitigate these challenges Auckland Moving Guys has been training young movers to the highest standards of our leading moving experience and has even taken advice and training from as far afield as Japan in order to try and bring professionalism and skill into what has traditionally been a cowboy industry filled with cash operators and fly by nighters. We believe this is what separates us from a lot of other Auckland moving companies

We don’t just focus on the bottom line, our company culture is built on the pillars of customer satisfaction along with highly skilled, happy and healthy Auckland moving staff. We place a great deal of emphasis on passing on our decades of moving industry knowledge and skill to our junior staff members so that they can be the best they can be.

We will arrive with well trained movers and deliver with skill, discipline and precision to get your moving job done safely, quickly and economically. A fast efficient moving job means a fair priced moving job, where you don’t end up paying the movers for wasted time.

Our Auckland Moving services include:

Auckland Movers

With experience in moving heavy and large items like pianos, spa pools, safes, statues, marble tables etc we can offer a premier Auckland moving service at a standard rate. For Auckland moves that have odd or heavy items (certain caveats may apply), give us a call because we are the specialist movers who can save you time and money on your next Auckland move.

Fit for purpose Moving Company

We operate mainly inner Auckland city moving trucks which are purpose built for moving furniture, all our trucks come with blankets, tie downs, trolleys and experienced movers. With years of experience in the Auckland moving industry we have selected furniture moving trucks that are large enough to pack a decent load into but are not so large they cannot operate economically within the Auckland environment. We pride ourselves on delivering a speedy door to door service because of this.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect to be the moving company that delivers nothing less than value for money and customer satisfaction to the Auckland moving industry.

Intercity Movers

We are able to offer moves from Auckland, Whangarei or Hamilton to anywhere else in the North island. As one of the only moving companies that offers standard rates from Whangarei to Hamilton with Auckland in between we are able to offer a competitive furniture moving service for out of town moves.

We are currently able to offer inner Auckland house moves and out of town moves between Whangarei and Hamilton of up to four bedroom house lots as a standard service at a standard rate.

For moves outside of these areas or for larger loads and specialty items we can provide a quotation on a case by case basis. For more information about our Auckland to out of town Moving Service please see our intercity movers post.

Movers For Hire

We are able to offer:

The Point of Difference Auckland Movers

Our point of difference as an Auckland Moving company is that we understand the business! We offer up front contracts for carriage with no lies, no cowboy attitudes, no miscommunication and we have the knowledge that keeps you and your possessions safe throughout the entire moving process. This makes us one of the best moving companies in Auckland to deal with , in fact we believe that no other moving company offers the level of personalized service that Auckland Moving Guys does. Whether your job is an office move, house move, storage stack or just some mover hire for an hour or the day, we will treat your moving job as the most important thing in our diary. We are professional furniture movers who will treat your furniture and possessions as they deserve to be cared for, with care and respect for the value they represent.

Unlike other less reputable Furniture Moving operators out there in the Auckland Movers scene we do not just hire anyone, we are extremely careful during the try out and hire stage to make sure that the staff we select have the right core values and morals to fit into our moving company culture, over the years we have learned to spot the attitude and mentality of a great mover in the making. Great movers don’t just turn up to work to move furniture around and make some money, they turn up because they genuinely enjoy the job. Being a Mover is not an easy job for most, some have the physical attributes but not the mental attributes, some have the mental attributes but not the physical, we can always train the body but not always the mind when it comes to Moving.

Over the years we have received a number of calls from clients who have had movers quit on them or have failed to turn up to their move because they had over booked or a better moving job came in, we have never done this to a client and would never consider leaving a moving client in the lurch. There is nothing we could imagine to be worse than the movers failing during the move or failing to show up at all on moving day, this is why we take selection of the staff we train as movers seriously. When the day is long and your move is hard Auckland Moving guys will move your home until the move is done, we are professional Movers and our reputation is our qualification.

The founder Levi has been involved in Auckland Moving for 30 years, starting as a young mover laborer at the age of 18 then moving up to truck ownership and contract operator in 2013 he went on to incorporate Auckland Moving Guys Ltd in 2019. During a six year hiatus from the industry Levi gained extensive knowledge in Quality Management System principles which he has incorporated into the Auckland Moving Guys company culture. He has also traveled to Japan, the land of customer service and professionalism, he studied Japanese moving techniques which are known to be the best in the world.

Areas of Auckland we Service:

Auckland Central, East Auckland, West Auckland, North Auckland

Auckland North to Whangarei, Auckland South to Hamilton

For a full list of our service locations see our comprehensive service location guide

He who dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the almighty.

Wide range of truck sizes

We have truck sizes available for all size Auckland Moving jobs.

Single items and small flats


  • Plus GST
  • maximum of 1 hour
  • includes x 2 men
LARGER Trucks starting at


  • Per hour plus GST
  • Minimum charge 1 hour
  • Call out fee starting at only $75
  • Includes x 2 men
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