Can you hire movers without a truck?

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The two pronged question;

One of the biggest questions we get asked by Auckland clients who are unsure, is if we can supply skilled moving labor without the use of the truck and if so does it cost any less?

The short answer to this is yes and no!

The long answer is yes we definitely do quite frequently hire out movers without a truck for jobs that require moving within the same building or for packing self pack storage box’s, storage units etc but it doesn’t always come at a discounted rate.

Although you may not be utilizing the truck we still need to get the guys onto your site and they maybe attending your job as part of a workday that requires them to do one or more other moves that do require a truck, so in essence although the truck isn’t in use it still has to come out on the day to do your move.


If you want to try and save money on the day and you don’t need the truck then organize well ahead, the further ahead you contact the movers the more likely it will be that they can fit you in with other jobs that don’t require a truck, this will definitely improve your chances of getting a discounted rate!

We have extensive experience in packing and stacking self store mobile box’s and units so we quite frequently arrange for our experienced movers to attend sites without a truck on hand and we do offer a concession rate if and when this is possible.

With decades of experience in the Auckland moving industry we have movers who are skilled in damage free moving with exceptional stacking and packing skills who can place your furniture items into much smaller spaces than you would have ever imagined possible!

Give us a call today to discuss your needs when it comes to hiring movers without the use of a truck!

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