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Use this form if you are either looking for a quick price estimation or a more thorough quotation.

We believe this is the most comprehensive instant estimation guide available in New Zealand for moving price estimation.

Online Instant Moving Estimate

Online Instant Moving Estimate


How to use this form:

Select the relevant options from the drop down or check boxes, for a fast rule of thumb price guide just use:

Number of bedrooms, Distance between addresses, garage items, outdoor items

For a more comprehensive quotation, fill out the entire form and we will generate a written estimate for your move

Truck access (select one)
Garage Items (gym equipment, shelving, chest freezers etc)
Outdoor Items (barbeque, tables, chairs, etc)

Using over 30 years industry knowledge and decades of giving price estimations we are pleased to be able to offer our Auckland moving clients this online instant price estimator.

Nothing is more frustrating when a company offers instant online moving quotes who then proceed to make you jump through hoops and forms only to disappoint with “we will be in touch” at the end of a lengthy exercise in bureaucracy.

This form has been designed with your need for instant information in mind, we understand getting an initial handle on ball park costs when planning is vital in today’s busy society, we don’t muck you around at the booking stage and we don’t muck you around when we move you.

This calculator is currently in its beta stage and is constantly being improved so will become better and better with age as more complex calculations are added.

For the time being we are satisfied that this calculator will produce fairly accurate estimation results for average Auckland house moves and drill down on the costs with the more comprehensive quote options.

For intercity or out of town moves please do not use this estimator but use our intercity move estimator located here: intercity move estimator
For single items and small load estimations please use our small load estimator
located here: small load estimator

For more information about our instant moving estimations and quotes please visit our frequently asked questions page here: FAQ’s