During the lock down Auckland Moving Guys is able to offer “Fast-moving consumer goods” contactless deliveries for essential items (the contracting party must be an essential service provider as defined by MBIE, for domestic customers seeking a fast track delivery method from an essential provider please call the 0800 number for our brokerage service).

These items may include things such as whiteware, heaters, blankets and emergency food supplies.

In order to mitigate the risk of transmission and to ensure that the items get through to where they are needed Auckland Moving Guys have developed a rigid set of protocols. These protocols include measures such as;

  1. Same bubble workers only
  2. twice daily disinfectant of delivery truck
  3. correct usage of PPE
  4. risk mitigation for emergency installation of appliances.
  5. Dissemination of relevant information regarding your delivery

1. In all instances it is preferable that deliveries will be conducted by a single worker using moving tools such as trolleys to deliver items to customers, in the instance that more than one staff member is required for situations such as stairs to point B then we have options available to us such as workers who are currently sharing the same bubble, in the instance that workers sharing the same bubble are not available we have mitigation policies in place such as workers not sharing the same vehicle and meeting at the delivery point and interacting at the bare minimum while correctly using PPE to protect each other.

Along with protecting our workers and their bubbles the minimization of exposure to other bubbles removes potential vectors of transmission to our clients bubbles.

2. During level 3 and 4 alerts daily cleaning of our trucks is stepped up to twice daily and includes disinfectant of cab and rear box areas via sprayer with either an 80% ethanol or 75% isopropyl solution.

This is supplementary to our regular wipe down, hand washing and sanitizing regime that is observed every time personnel begin and complete a delivery.

3. As circumstances dictate we will employee PPE for both our customers and our workers protection. The usage of PPE is strictly administered and must follow correct protocol such as single use of gloves only and the correct method of removing the gloves. The usage of masks is primarily for protection of our customers and in instances where exhalation droplets are deemed to be a potential factor such as delivering food items, we will employ masks at all times whilst handling the delivery items.

4. Risk mitigation for emergency installation of appliances.

In all instances it is preferred that all deliveries will be totally contactless and no workers will enter a customers home.

But we do perceive that in some rare instances such as older customers who are unable to debox and install an appliance we may in fact be required to assist.

In this instance a thorough plan must be raised and put in place with full acknowledgement and agreement to adherence by all parties.

Such plans will in the first and foremost instance seek to find the simplest solution with minimal exposure ( does the fridge really need to go inside and up the stairs to the kitchen or can we debox it and place it next to a power outlet in your garage until the alert level has lowered? etc).

5. Dissemination of information. In all instances before we undertake to carry out a delivery we will enter into a robust discussion with yourself and retail suppliers (as relevant) regarding your delivery. We expect to ask and be asked a number of questions in order to make sure your delivery is as safe and contactless as humanly possible.

During this level of high alert Auckland Moving Guys has decided to err on the side of extreme caution and we do not take on an attitude of ‘its just a delivery’, we have adopted the attitude that whatever and how we deliver to our customers homes must be treated in such a way that we can sleep at night knowing we have taken every possible precaution to make sure the chain has no links in our services.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your essential delivery needs in this trying time.