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Movers-Auckland Moving Guys has moving trucks for every occasion.
with our small and nifty range and our 2.02 meter wide larger trucks, we are able to get to jobs were bigger trucks cannot.

We have found over the decades that using the right moving trucks is essential to being able to deliver a speedy and efficient service to our clients

Various size Moving Trucks

We have the following nifty configurations available for moving in Auckland

  • 12m3 moving trucks
  • 20m3 moving trucks
  • 27m3 moving trucks
  • 35m3 moving trucks

Hard to get to places

Each truck being boxed in a narrow body/cab configuration means that we are able to mix and match between the nifty configurations in order to get a decent capacity into driveways and situations where bigger and wider boxed trucks simply cannot go.

Fit for purpose moving trucks

Each of the trucks is purpose built and maintained specifically for furniture moving, having a minimum height of at least 2.01 meters, the smallest boxes are fit for standing a queen size bed up in, which makes them able to be stacked efficiently and fit the maximum amount of furniture into.

Many moving clients over the years have been amazed at how much we can stack into the smaller trucks, this is simply because they are configured correctly for furniture moving.

We look forward to hearing from you about your specific moving requirements.

Happy Moving!


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