Best Auckland Company For Moving

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What is the best Auckland company for moving?

A question that is asked by a few people who are looking for an Auckland Moving Company.
While there is no real hard and fast way to to tell which Auckland Moving Company is the best, or if there is even such a thing, we can always start with the worst! Ratings definitely play a part in that, but not all Auckland Moving Company ratings are legit. The system can be gamed! Read on to find out more.

Who are the top Google Rated Auckland Moving Companies?

Google search is likely how you were lead to this blog post, in search of what Auckland Moving Company to use and that’s probably the best place to start, although most people have become well adept at using Google search, the scams and the games have also grown, they have grown in their sophistication and ability to pull the wool over on the unsuspecting. So lets do a simple search of best Auckland moving company? and see what comes back.

Using Chrome browser with a cleared cache in incognito mode we typed in the query “best auckland moving company” and got the following results:

A picture of Google search results for the best Auckland Moving Company search

So immediately we are greeted with the usual slew of “sponsored” Auckland Moving Company paid adds. We wont place too much emphasis on them because they can pretty much say whatever the highest bidder wants them to, money talks as they say and the front page of Google is no exception. There are plenty of Auckland Moving Companies talking with the advertising budget, we may revisit them later on as a curiosity.

First Auckland Moving Companies off the rank


You have to believe me when I started out on this post I had no idea that Auckland Moving Guys was going to come up first on the places listing under Best Auckland Moving Company, that was an absolute fluke, a happy fluke but definitely not an intent.

  1. Auckland Moving guys
  2. Auckland Moving Professionals
  3. Wise move

Looks legit right? Three Auckland Moving Companies with good ratings and customer trust leading to an assumption you are dealing with reputable licensed moving companies, ready to serve….. Houston we have a problem, one of these things is not like the other….Can you tell the difference?

More on that one later on.

Organic results

when we scroll down to below the fold as they say in the industry, we see what is known as the “organic” part of the search result page. This is where Google will place business websites that it thinks is relevant to your search, in the instance “Best Auckland Moving Company”.

A picture of search results for best Auckland moving company below the fold

What we are greeted with when we scroll down below the fold is a series of moving company related questions which we wont be worried about for the purpose of this post and a selection of what Google thinks are the most relevant websites relating to the best moving company in Auckland.

  1. Moving pros
  2. A website titled “Best Auckland Removals”
  3. NZ Van Lines
  4. Auckland Moving Professionals (previously seen in places)
  5. Wise move (previously seen in places)
  6. Crown Relocations NZ

Who’s who of Auckland Movers

Having spent a little bit of time working on the moving site I have done a little bit of looking at the companies who present themselves as Auckland Movers and also having been in the industry for a long time I know who are Auckland Moving Companies and who are not. In the list of results out of nine possibilities served up as Auckland moving companies (three in places and six in organic) I can see the following results:

  • Five legit actual Auckland Moving Companies
  • One questionable site
  • Two results that are not Auckland Moving Companies

The five legit Auckland Moving Companies are fairly easy to spot if you are not new to the game, which most likely you are, if you’re reading this post. If you want to know how to gauge an Auckland moving company then have a look at our post about keeping safe while moving

The not legit Auckland Moving Company results

The three results in the not legit (or possibly not) list are made up of:

  • Two lead generation sites
  • One suspect site

The lead generation sites are not actual moving companies, they are sites that reel people in through various means and offer people access to Auckland Moving Companies via online quotation services. They will farm the quote out and clip the ticket as middle men on the process, while brokering services is a legitimate lawful activity, it hardly makes them the “best Auckland Moving Company”, not by a long shot.

In fact if you are wondering about this and intending on doing more research on the subject then I would encourage you to look at the site which has an unbelievable amount of reviews among its peers, some of which have been around a lot longer, claiming some 25,000 five star reviews on its website and 5000 plus five star reviews on its places listing….. in a five year existence, that is simply not real. There are a number of reasons why that isn’t possible in such a short period of time, the first and foremost one is they don’t actually move anything, so how can they get a good review for moving? Basically they are commandeering or sequestering, absconding or even stealing the reviews from those who they are actually charging to skim a commission from. Essentially those are not their reviews.

Asides from walking the tight rope of ethics and skirting on the line of Googles rules, they are potentially lining themselves up for one awful legal embroilment with this kind of behavior, the factor that tipped me off to how the company had gained so many reviews could in fact be their downfall in a legal case of liability. While most people think that Moving is a cowboy game in the wild west, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Moving is covered in the Contract and Commercial law Act 2017, specifically part 5 subpart-1 “the carriage of goods” which states that persons using heavy vehicles for hire or reward need to be licensed, it also states that the carriage of goods for hire or reward is to be done under contract. There is a default contract prescribed in the act and the onus is on the carrier….. There is a myriad of evidence suggesting that people leaving reviews on this lead generator’s website and places listing are under the impression that they are the contracting mover……Something is not being made abundantly clear to the customers and one wonders where the moving contracts are at and who’s making reward here??

I must admit I did have a nosy poke around the website and even signed up, but I couldn’t find a contract for love nor money, couldn’t even work out how much of the ticket they were punching for the moving job leads so I high tailed it out of there.

One also wonders at why the less than perfect reviews are absent, that many reviews with that kind of set up should actually have a few less than five star ratings….you do the math, but something doesn’t smell right with that one. I will feel real sorry for those who are getting work from there if this site comes a cropper, which it may well do.

The other lead generation/moving quote site is more upfront about who they are and haven’t had the audacity to pinch other peoples reputation, but still not an Auckland moving company and most certainly not the best Auckland moving company.

The faceless stranger

There is one website in the not legit (or possibly not) that doesn’t look right. It is full to the brim with generic what look to be models posing for stock images, clicking through to its social pages gets nowhere better either, stock photos straight from the internet. Doing some deeper digging didn’t reveal anything better and nothing about the site points toward a legitimate Auckland Based Moving Company, the IT points to Mumbai and Melbourne Australia, the companies office site was down so I couldn’t do a search but there is nothing to indicate a registered and licensed moving company.

So with all that being said and those who should remain nameless, remaining nameless, we encourage you to do your homework on the Auckland moving company you settle on, and remember;

Not everything is always as it seems.

Happy Moving!