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Auckland Moving Tips

Selecting the correct moving truck for your job is not as easy as just ringing up and asking for a moving truck! There are several points to consider when contracting your movers.

Selecting the right kind of moving truck for your job

Selecting Moving Trucks in Japan
Auckland Moving Guys carefully selecting the right trucks in Japan

Auckland Moving Guys carefully select the right kind of trucks for the Auckland moving environment, too big and they wont fit down the drive, too small and they wont pack the right size load. We painstakingly scour the truckscape with its many peaks and valleys of shapes and sizes to find the trucks that can do the job just right.

So when looking for your Auckland movers, follow this advice;

Consider your access ways, height, width, and turning requirements. Will a big truck fit down your drive or will you be paying guys literally hours of extra labor to ferry items from the roadside? Do you need the truck to be big enough to fit your house lot? or will you be better off paying for two trips door to door if the move is within a reasonable distance?

Ask your Movers if their truck is actually designed and equipped to move furniture (dont be shy here, many people claim to be movers). Do they have sufficient blankets, tie downs and trolleys?

Not all trucks are created equal and the requirements for a moving truck are no exception to the rules, any truck that a bed cannot stand up in is insufficient for moving furniture and will most likely not have the railings or protection required for the job!

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