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Spa pool movers in Auckland

Spa pools come in all shapes and sizes which only really means one thing when it comes to moving them; weight.

Not all spa pools are created equally when it comes to their weight, they can range from as light as 100 kilos and go up to a whopping 400 kilos. Basically the size and weight of your spa combined with where you want to move it to will dictate how we move your spa, the amount of men involved, hi lift mechanical cranes and or any construction that maybe required top get the job done.

three moving guys lift spa pool into back of a truck

Some jobs are as easy as tilting the spa onto a trolley and then lifting into the truck,

Moving spa over fence with crane

others however are a little more complex and require a bit more planning.

Regardless of what your spa pool move requires Auckland Moving Guys have the experience, the tools and the ability to be able to get your spa pool moved.

We have;

  • Heavy duty trolleys
  • Hydraulic hi-ab cranes on the back of utes capable of lifting 600 kilos
  • Construction equipment for making ramps and cradles
  • Blankets, strops and tarps
  • Plenty of strong keen guys

If it is humanly possible, we can get your spa moved safely for everyone involved.

Give us a call and speak to a friendly Kiwi mover to discuss your Spa Pool moving requirements on

Freephone: 0800 115 004
Call or text: 0204 065 5397

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