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Auckland Moving Guys is a WINZ approved supplier for moving.

We service the Auckland region and can supply WINZ quotes for moving within Auckland.

We can also provide WINZ quotes and furniture moving services within the North Island.

If you require a WINZ quote from us then we suggest that you have the information about your move ready at hand as the WINZ system is badly suited for standard moving charge up practices and works on a “set quote amount” that needs to be authorized before the job is undertaken. Not supplying the correct information can result in the quote being incorrect for the job which could cause problems on moving day.

If the quote is based on standard jobs of the same bedroom size the job maybe much bigger than average and this may result in work stopping until the discrepancy is sorted out, which on moving day can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and complication.

The kind of information that is required is:

  • The number of bedrooms in the house (actually being used as bedrooms)
  • How many boxes you will have
  • Number of whiteware items (fridge, freezers, washing machine etc)
  • Office (is one room being used as an office
  • The size of the beds in the bedrooms
  • How many sets of drawers and their sizes
  • Garage items
  • Outdoor items such as bbq, trampolines etc
  • Pot plants
  • What the access to the properties is like (single level, multi level)
  • Can the truck get up to the door at either end
  • Any large or unusual items
  • Exercise equipment etc
  • Also how long you have been in the house gives us an indication as to how big your job may be

The more detailed information you can give us the more likely it is we can get your WINZ quote supplied correctly and avoid any unnecessary hassles on moving day.

If you would like to get a rough idea of how much the job may cost then please feel free to have a look at our free moving estimator calculator located here:

Or for personal instant service you can call us on: 0800 115 004

You can also request a WINZ quote by emailing us at: [email protected]


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