Moving House under covid-19 alerts


After the Prime minister’s announcement of a National Covid-19 alert system Auckland Moving Guys went to work immediately to plan, draft, develop and implement a set of bio protective protocols that cover health and safety for both our people and our customers under all alert levels.

We don’t think that anything up to a level 3 alert is just ‘business as usual’ we have taken our obligations to the wider community and the nationwide imperative to stamp out this disease in our midst, as being serious!

Our policy from the very start of this effort has been one of intensive rigor to bring all our employees and contractors up to a high standard using the dissemination of information and hands on training in a focused effort to help them as fast as possible to understand matters such as:

* The ‘correct’ usage of PPE for bio hazard, disinfectants required, including ‘on the run’ or ‘off the cuff’ techniques that meet the WHO guideline specifications to kill the SARS virus (this is important as covid-19 is SARS).

*The need, reasons and techniques to keep safe distances between personnel and customers.

* The requirement for ventilation of work spaces and homes, the importance of having flat surfaces and handles wiped down, all personal effects and hygiene items boxed and sealed and the maintenance involved in treating truck cabs as sterile spaces.

*Obligations that the customer must meet before they are to enter their homes or begin to remove their items and the need to either stop work or refuse to enter any customers house who evidently have not complied with the protocols.

*The extreme importance of disclosing illness of any kind within their circle of friends or family or they themselves, no more old school kiwi soldier on attitude!

We take these obligations so seriously that complacency or serious infringement of protocol results in an instant stand down or more serious action against the staff member until the alert has been lowered.

We can move your home from level 1 to 2 alerts with minimal disruption to day to day moving using a slightly higher than normal awareness of hygiene practises .

We can also move your home during Level 3 alerts so long as the move is essential and cannot be deferred until the alert level has been lowered (you must provide evidence of this in writing), this will require more co operation and safety measures to protect everyone involved and meet health and safety obligations.

Level 4 alerts: At no time will Auckland Moving Guys Ltd conduct a house move under a level 4 alert for any member of the general public unless specifically instructed to do so by a relevant authority such as: a Health Officer as authorized by the CED-G of Health, a Police Officer as authorized by the Police Commissioner or a representative of the the Civil Defence as authorized by the Director.

We are all in this together and as a business that moves from home to home we are thoroughly committed to all our safety while we make New Zealand Covid-19 free!

Stay safe out there and we look forward to helping make Auckland move again!

Kind Regards
Levi Wulf
Managing Director of Auckland Moving Guys Limited

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