Hi and thank you for visiting our site to redeem your free call out fee valid for the first 20 customers.

Please read the following:

* Free travel fee voucher is only valid within Auckland for call out travel between the hours of 9am and 5pm and only covers as far south as Mt Wellington and as far north as Albany. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour at our current rates, so make good use of your voucher.

For more info on our current charges please see our “rates” in the menu.

Your voucher is exchangeable or giftable to your family and friends so long as it is valid (we don’t care who uses it, you were the onto person who found it and thats all that matters).

It should only take you around thirty seconds to get confirmation of your discount.

Just enter your name phone number and email into the form below and we will email you a certified copy of your discount voucher!

Happy moving!