Vaccination Policy

Auckland Moving Guys vaccination policy

According to worksafe assessment criteria we have assessed the risk factors involved to our staff, contract services and customers along with the current privacy and employment laws involved and we have drafted out our initial vaccination policy.

The following bullet points outlay the publicly available information of our policy:

  • Environments where at risk or high risk customers (either by legislated mandate or perceived) individuals are likely to come into contact with movers and no other risk mitigation factors are available will require that workers onsite are vaccinated.
  • Auckland Moving Guys at this point in time does not require that any staff member be vaccinated or even declare their status, but will for now leave that decision up to the individuals freedom of choice and will assign staff members accordingly to their declared or perceived status.
  • Auckland Moving Guys will not disclose any staff members vaccination status (or perceived status) to any member of the public who is not carrying out *”mandated activity” or does not have a **”higher risk” mitigation policy in place with us as part of a job contract
  • Customers may engage our services to form risk mitigation policies on a job to job basis in the area of “higher risk”
  • Vaccinated workers will not be exempted from weekly saliva testing at this point in time
  • Auckland Moving Guys will not trade on or seek financial advantage in the market place over staff vaccination status (either vaccinated or non vaccinated).

The policy has been drafted to take into account the balance between need know basis along with staff and contract services rights to employer confidentiality.

*Mandated activity is defined as that which is legislated by the current Labor govt. policy
** Higher Risk is defined as stated by the ministry of health ( here )